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AnimalADNetwork is an online ad sales representation firm that provides advertisers or their agencies with multiple distribution channels to thousands of pet-related consumers on the Web. We work to assist them in media planning, and managing campaign delivery across sites through AdXpress ad-serving technology. It develops, targets, and places online advertising campaigns that reach each advertisers' desired audience while driving advertising revenue for web publishers. This creates a win-win business model that benefits advertisers as well as web publishers.

Both advertisers and web publishers feel confident working with AnimalADNetwork being in total control of their advertising dollars. They are wasting neither their time no money employing AnimalADNetwork system that allows them to pay only for actual unique traffic at the price that makes sense to each party. They can monitor responses to their ad in real-time and change your bid price or ad copy as you see fit.

Join AnimalADNetwork and explore a stronger and more identifiable ROI on media dollars. With us you can monitor responses to your ad in real-time and change your bid price or ad copy as you see fit. With free registration you can start now, so what are you waiting for?