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advertisers will run your ads on hundreds of hand picked pet and animal oriented websites. We are carefully qualify each one with diligent evaluation.

Our network DO NOT accept sites based on following criteria:
  • Foreign language sites
  • Software Pirating
  • Sexual content
  • Profanity
  • Illegal or potentially illegal content or activity
  • Hacking
  • Anything promoting racism or hatred
  • Any controversial or questionable subject matter
Security and fraud prevention was one of the first ad networks to initiate the fight of online fraud traffic. Our technology can detect any attempt of any unusual activity in the network. We verify the location of incoming traffic as well as content changes to catch and terminate a vendor in cheating.

Top internet Websites
In order to protect the privacy of our Internet Hosts we cannot provide an online listing. However, if you would like a sample list of hosts, please email:

AnimalADNetwork works hard to be your number one solution for all of your advertising and publishing needs. We are committed to your success and welcome your new business. We are here to win your loyalty.