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Smart Targeting has the ability to precisely target ads to your specific audience. The Geo Targeting is the exacting ability to pinpoint ads to visitors from specific geographic locations such as country, city, and zip code. AdXpress will ensure that the right people will see the exact media targeted to them by:
  • By Keyword — Serve your banner advertisement across any search engine. (For example: If an end user searches for "dog" or "dog food" - your banner with dog food products will be displayed with the search engine results).
  • By Site Buys — Target any domain that is frequented often by your target audience. (I.e.,, etc.)
  • By Geographic view — We offer the most accurate geographic targeting system on the web. Results down to the area code and prefix.
  • By Demographic view — Gender, age, income, education, occupation, etc.
    "Psychographic" Hobbies and Interests (i.e. dog food, cat furniture, etc.)
  • By Browser type
  • By Domain or top level domain
  • By Operating system
  • By Days View
  • By Geometries View
  • By Countries View
  • By Daily Unique by IP View
  • By Daily Unique by Cookie View
Real time optimization on creative.
Just imagine that a system can optimize your creative in real time during an entire campaign life cycle. AdXpress designed to work together with RDPR (Raw Data Processing Robot) in order to analyze data and compare that data to your campaign objectives. Our effective Optimization process will read results produced by RDPR plus real-time incoming data and make appropriate changes automatically to creative. This done in rotation across placements based upon actual results read by the optimization tool.
You may disable automatic optimization and relay on user optimizations based on the suggestions and recommendations provided by the system.
Frequency Cap
  • Limit amount impressions per unique visitor (Example: Show same banner to unique visitor no more then three times and then stop)
  • Limit amount of click on same banner per unique visitor (Allow unique visitor click on unique banner only X amount of times) (works well to prevent fraud)
  • Show unique creative to visitor not often as hh:mm (Advertiser wants to show banner only once per day. We will set up this field at 23:59)
  • Allow unique user to click on the banner not often then hh:mm
With Optimization and Targeting, your campaign objectives achieved with the very best possible results.