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Why we are better
Animal AD network is changing the way advertisers purchase online media. Our state-of-the-art internet advertising planning and placement software engine can dynamically place ad banners according to your specifications. This unique technology can help optimize your campaigns and target the right audience you are looking. This is a fundamental difference that allows online marketers to get better ROI by delivering only to the target audience. We know more about every user online than the publishers do themselves.


Raise ROI with Advanced Targeting Technology
Our system is designed to provide the highest return on your ad budget investment. Employing smart targeting, optimization, and frequency cap it can insure that prospective clients, who are interested in your products/services, will be the only ones to view your banner ads.
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Control your Money with Detailed Reporting System
Be in total control of your advertising dollars employing the advanced and very detailed reporting system. Evaluate performance with real-time numbers managing and optimizing your campaigns to the maximum ROI you can ever get.
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Advertiser Highlights:
  • Execute campaigns across the industry's most sophisticated campaign management platform, AdXpress
  • Work with a team who has over 10 years of direct industry experience
  • Achieve maximum campaign ROI with smart targeting, optimization, and frequency cap technology
  • Access timely market and campaign insight with real-time reporting system
  • Develop campaigns around all units with flash, rich media and pre-roll video formats